Club Information and History

Mission Statement:

The 1st Ontario Two-Cylinder Club founded in 1990 , is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of antique John Deere 2-cylinder tractors and farm equipment, their accessories, lore and literature, and the special place John Deere holds in Ontario agricultural heritage.

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We welcome new members. Membership provides you with a newsletter and access to all our events, including the Annual Meeting & Banquet, Bus Trip, Fun Day, Tractor Ride, John Deere Heritage Days Show, Plow Day and Christmas Party. It provides you with an opportunity to meet with fellow John Deere enthusiasts to share knowledge and information about John Deere.

2024 Club Executive
PresidentChris Budd
Vice PresidentJared Buckrell
Past PresidentDave Lockwood
TreasurerTeresa Weeks
SecretaryMatt Lockwood
MembershipJared Buckrell
Newsletter EditorDave McEachren
HistorianVictoria Wilhelm
WebsiteGreg Miskow
DirectorClarence Aspen
DirectorBecky Davis
DirectorRosemary Davis
DirectorReg Gurney
DirectorJim Gurney
DirectorBill McAlpine
DirectorKyle Rutherford
DirectorBob Walker
Old Meets New
Past Show Locations & Toys
1990Buddhaven Farms , IngersollNo Toy
1991Drayton FairgroundsWaterloo Boy
1992Aylmer FairgroundsFord Model A Truck
1993Stratford FairgroundsA
1994Buddhaven Farms , IngersollStyled D
1995Mortier Farms , ThamesvilleGP , Wide Front
1996DeBrabandere Farms , RannochMT
1997Princeton ParkStyled AR
1998Aylmer FairgrondsGP , Narrow Front
1999Norwich MuseumBI Industrial
2000Tavistock FairgroundsBN
2001Drumbo Fairgrounds40C
2002Hutchison Farm , ThamesfordStyled AR
2003Granton FairgroundsLA
2004Llolyn Farms , PrincetonH
2005Glencoe Fairgrounds830
2006Deter Family , Guelph440I
2007Chesney Farms , Innerkip730
2008Laidlaw Farms , Belmont420
2009Chappel Farms , Staffa50
2010Deter Family , Guelph530
2011Llolyn Farms , Princeton430LP
2012Sun Shadow Farms , Beachville40
2013Mortier Family Farm , ThamesvilleG
2014Broken Road Farms , Eastwood70
2015Buddhaven Farms , IngersollAOS
2016Mossley Meadows Farms , MossleyUnstyled G
2017Green Horizon Sod Farms , Breslau620 FFA
2018Chappel Farms , Staffa2520
2019Gole Family , Drumbo420
2020Cancelled due to Covid194020
2021Cancelled due to Covid194000
2022Faircrest Farms , WoodstockStyled BW
2023Gillies Family , Drumbo435
2024Deter Family , Guelph8R

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